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Can we have an image placed on our marker or monument?
Yes, we offer many options with a porcelain photo, or a laser engraved photo (on black granite only). Both are great options, just depending on your preference.
What if I have a certain amount to spend?
We provide many options including size, shape, color and additional items such as vases which vary in cost. We will design a beautiful monument to suit your financial needs and preferences.
How and when do I make my payment?
We require a 50% deposit at the time of the order, then the remaining balance is due upon the final approval of the design. We normally do not start creating the headstone until the full amount is paid. In some cases, we have setup payment terms after the first 50% deposit has been made, especially if we are ordering in a special color or style that we do not have in stock. 
How long will it take to complete my Headstone?
It may take anywhere between 30-120 days depending on a number of factors including availability of the size and color of granite, the weather conditions, and the design complexity. 
Will the granite fade?
No. The colors of the granite are all natural, therefore, the color will not fade. Sometimes water from cemetery sprinkler systems and other weather circumstances can cause cleaning to be needed. Also over many years, some of the lettering may need repainted which is available as a service.
Ask about our maintenance services we offer for new and older monuments that may in need of repairs, leveling or other things.

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